Why Chevrolet Makes The Best Family Cars

Which GM Cars Make Great Family Cars

People need cars for different things. When it’s time to choose a family vehicle there are several key considerations. Mornings may require the family car to transport the kids to school, while evenings mean it’s time to bring back the groceries and get everyone to practices and recitals.

For all of your family’s demands, Chevrolet’s lineup of family vehicles is among the best in the industry. But what is it that makes some Chevrolet models great family cars?

Passenger Space

If you’ve got a bigger family or taken it upon yourself to help carpool, then you’ll need a car that can accommodate a number of people. The Chevrolet Traverse was a Parents Magazine winner for the best three-row SUV, and for good reason. While three rows of seating are an obvious plus when it comes to driving up to eight passengers, this mid-size SUV has a lot going for it beyond just passenger capacity. As for the Malibu, while there’s no doubt that it’s smaller than the Traverse, it still offers generous legroom throughout the cabin for up to five adults, more than many competitors in fact.

If you’re looking for a full-size SUV that makes no compromises, look no further than the Chevy Suburban. Chevrolet is proud to say that this flagship vehicle offers off-road capability, SUV versatility and luxurious appointments. It’s definitely one to consider if bigger means better for you, your family and your friends. The Suburban can seat up to nine adult passengers with room leftover, perfect for your kids’ hockey team.

Long Drives

If your family is on the go a lot, then the Chevrolet Malibu might be the family car for you. It was also a winner in Parents Magazine in the category for the best family sedan.

If you’re travelling with very young ones, the Malibu comes with four LATCH anchor points to make for secure child seating. Older passengers can take advantage of an available, responsive, easy-to-use touch screen system, full of infotainment features like Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, four USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity. Suffice to say, the Malibu’s features are also available on the Traverse.

No surprise that the Suburban offers much of the same technology as its smaller siblings. What is surprising is how much more it brings to the table. With up to 14 charging ports and a centre console large enough to swallow a laptop, this full-size SUV is meant to keep everyone tuned in and happy on long trips.


When driving with family, safety becomes an even greater concern. There are plenty of safety features that make Chevrolet's family vehicles ideal. For instance, all Malibus come equipped with 10 airbags, a rear-mounted camera, StabiliTrak electronic stability control system, and all-speed traction control. For families with older children that are just learning to drive themselves, parents can take advantage of certain features like “Teen Driver Technology,” which disables the Bose 9-speaker system until the front seatbelts have buckled up. Meanwhile, the Traverse packs plenty of safety features as well, including available cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar to help you look out for hazards. As for the Suburban there’s available low-speed forward automatic braking, safety seat alerts that warn drivers by vibration rather than sound, rear-cross traffic alerts, and rear-park assist.


One thing that Chevrolet’s family cars do best is hold all of your cargo. There’s going to be a lot of things that need to be ferried around, from golf clubs and luggage for adults to sports equipment for the kids. That’s where the Chevrolet Traverse shines, with a conveniently large cargo space of 2,781 L (98.2 cu.ft). If that wasn’t enough, there is available technology to make loading your Traverse simple. For example, the Premier and High Country trim-lines come with a super-convenient hands-free liftgate, so if your hands are full, a simple kick under the rear bumper can open the hatch without you having to put anything down then pick it all up again.

If you fold the Suburban’s seats down you have an enormous cargo space holding up to 3,447 L (121.7 cu. ft.). All seats up, the Suburban has game-changing room for 1,113 L (39.3 cu. ft.) That’s twice as much as some cars! And just like the Traverse, the Suburban offers available power liftgate technology. It’s perfect for towing up to 8,300 lbs (3,765 kg).

Whether you’re looking for something to accommodate many people or a premium driving experience that’s built for the whole family, there’s a range of different Chevrolet family cars available at Applewood Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC. Find the one that’s right for you!