GM Electric Vehicles in Canada: Now and the Future

GM Electric Vehicles in Canada - Applewood Auto

GM has a venerable history of producing vehicles ranging from workhorse trucks to high-end supercars and everything in between. But while they have a heritage to be proud of, the fast-approaching electric future means that no automaker can afford to rest on its laurels.

Luckily, GM shows absolutely no signs of being left behind by the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. The company has already begun making the switch with some impressive EV models available this year, and has also announced wide-ranging plans for the future which add up to some of the most ambitious of any producer. Here are the key points to look out for.

Extensive New Range, Impressive New Tech

GM has committed to producing 30 new EVs by 2025, covering all areas of the car, SUV, and truck markets. It says their range will include options for every style, need, and price point, aiming to encourage millions of drivers to make the switch. To do this, the company is already working on new advances in battery design, range, manufacturing efficiency, interior technology, and advanced safety. 

  • The latest Ultium battery design is set to cost 60% less than current batteries, and as the battery is a key factor in an EV’s sticker price, the reduction will make electric driving more accessible than ever. 
  • GM is developing a single modular architecture that can be adapted to create everything from compact cars to full-size trucks, making new models quicker and cheaper to produce. 
  • The same underlying engineering can be tweaked to provide everyday economy, searing performance, or heavy-duty commercial work. 
  • The platform will include all the tech foundations necessary for full, safe self-driving capability once the technology is fully mature. 

What’s more, GM says that new models will take all the opportunities offered by the EV format to increase safety tech, interior comfort, and aesthetics, once freed from the constraints of traditional gas-powered design.

GM Electric Vehicles in Canada is the future - Applewood Auto

Charging Your GM EV in Canada

One of the worries slowing down EV ownership remains concern over charging. GM aims to overcome this by offering free installation of a Level 2 home charging station with every vehicle, along with plans to install over 4,000 fast charging stations across Canada, making EVs as convenient as gas-powered ones.

Exploring the GM EV Lineup

Although GM has impressive plans for the future, the company’s switch to EV is already well underway, with one model currently on the market and two more arriving very soon. Here are the highlights you can expect from each.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Bolt EV is the first vehicle to be built on the solid foundations that GM has developed for the future. Designed for everyday convenience and comfort, it’s a compact hatchback-stroke-SUV based around a 65-kWh battery and a single electric motor, producing a city-friendly output of 200 horsepower and 266lb-ft of torque.

The typical range is estimated at a healthy 417km, which is more than enough to cover most commuting and urban needs. And when you need to top the battery up, a Level 2 home charger (with free installation from GM) can deliver a full charge in around seven hours. If you’re out on the road, a fast DC charger can add 160km of range in just 30 minutes.

 Chevrolet Bolt EV Electric Vehicle - Applewood Auto

GMC Hummer EV

The all-new GMC Hummer EV marks an impressive return for the venerable nameplate that’s traditionally associated with extreme power – and high fuel consumption. The new EV version will be available in both SUV and pickup truck formats, and will deliver all the traditional performance but with zero emissions and hugely lower running costs.

Both the truck and SUV versions are built using the same modular platform and offer similar levels of performance. The SUV can deliver up to 830 horsepower, which is impressive enough, but the truck ups the ante to an astounding 1,000hp. And as electric vehicles, both formats deliver their huge power with instant torque for searing acceleration and responsiveness.

What’s more, all this performance is provided without sacrificing driving range. The Hummer EV Pickup has an estimated limit of 560km, while the SUV delivers a slightly lower but still-ample 480km.

GMC Hummer EV - Electric Vehicle - Applewood Auto

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Lastly, the all-new Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup truck is set to be released for the 2024 model year and will offer a striking set of performance figures. The entry-level model is said to deliver 510 horsepower and 615lb-ft of torque, placing it in the highest brackets of current truck performance. But if you need even more, the top-level trim will create fully 664 horsepower and 780lb-ft.

Full details of the Silverado EV are yet to be confirmed, but from the details released so far, it’s sure to give the pickup market a jolt like no model before.

Chevrolet Silverado EV - Applewood Auto

Experience the GM EV Future for Yourself

Ready for more? Explore the GM EV range by booking a test drive of any current or forthcoming model, and see for yourself why the future is most definitely electric.

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